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The snowdrop and it’s connection with childhood cancer patients:

The snowdrop is the first flower to bloom in the spring, even blooming when snow is still on the ground. It is a hearty flower, nearly indestructible by nature. Childhood cancer patients demonstrate indestructible attitudes and spirit while battling the life threatening illness of childhood cancer.
The snowdrop symbolizes hope and purity. Snowdrop Foundation celebrates the hope that one day a cure for all childhood cancers will be found allowing the purity of every child to remain untouched by the devastating diagnosis of cancer.
The snowdrop comes in twenty different varieties but still only has one color, white. Childhood cancer comes in many varieties, but it still has only has one effect, to destroy.


What We Do

Snowdrop Foundation Beneficiary

Today, Texas Children’s Hospital is the largest freestanding pediatric hospital in the United States. Ranked among the nation’s top four pediatric institutions by U.S. News & World Report , TCH is the only children’s hospital in the South or Southwest on that list. Texas Children’s Hospital is dedicated to providing the finest possible pediatric patient care, education and research. And, true to the charge given by the founders over fifty years ago, care is provided to any sick or injured child, regardless of race, creed or ability to pay.
Snowdrop Foundation donations are designated for three specific areas of Texas Children’s Cancer Center

Snowdrop Scholarship Program

Scholarships to qualified, college bound, pediatric cancer patients.

Teen Program

The Teen Program is a support program for teenage patients within the Cancer Center. The teen support group plans activities for teenagers, publishes a newsletter and provides an outlet for teens to express their feelings.


Awarness Program



In just forty-five years, the overall survival rate for children with cancer has increased from 10% to 70%. Thirty percent still need our help, as well as the help of scientists, researchers and doctors.
That help will come from Snowdrop Foundation’s Childhood Cancer Research contribution.



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